New Paint for 89H


In May of 2004 we brought 89H back home with new paint.  Here are pictures of the new paint.  We decided that we would emulate the 2002 Skylane factory design, except that we changed the blue stripe to a dark green, and the base color from white to a cream off-white shade.   We have also added Knots2U wheel pants, flap gap seals, the RMD wing tip landing lights, and a quartz halogen strobe beacon by Whelen.  Will this be the next feature we add?   (The "Scrap Book" link, immediately below, shows how 89H used to look before the "make-over".)
Click Here for the Scrap Book of our Paint Job in Progress
Note the three new Knots-2-U aerodynamic wheel pants.  The nose wheel pant covers the scissors suspension and most of the front strut, reducing drag from those components.  Click pictures below for larger view.


Close-up of the new RMD Wingtip Lights.  With the PulseLite switch on, they pulse alternately with the cowl landing lights, like in the bicture below.

Click picture on left for close-up of wing tip and flap gap seals.

Description of how Pulse Lights are wired to work on our plane.



The picture below are not of our plane.  It is an advertising picture of the Cessna 2002 factory paint scheme.   This is the scheme we emulated, except for our cream colored base coat.  Looking at the pictures on this page, you wouldn't know that 89H is 20 years older, except for the number of blades on the prop and the antenna fin on the vertical stabilizer.  Actually our plane has more aerodynamic wheel covers and a much better landing light configuration than the newer Skylanes.  And our stripes are not decals like this one.  Our's are painted on. 

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