Aug. 15, 2012
Fun with a P-51  
When Randy was in Florida this week he realized a dream that came true.  He got the opportunity to fly aerobatics in the thunderous Mustang P-51


Jan. 20, 2012
Partnership Update
Moon Flight Aviation, LLC  is now back to two partners only.  Randy Dotterer has been a member since 2004.  Ron Rissel joined Moon Flight in early 2011.  In January of 2012, Randy and Ron purchased the remaining share of the plane from the original owner, and now enjoy sharing this beautiful Skylane together.  
Jan. 22, 2005
C182 Ownership
Here are some random facts and figures about owning a Cessna Skylane that we've recorded from our own experience.
Nov.7, 2008
New Interior
We've just completed the last major upgrade, which has made 89H a "Better than New 182".  It's a completely new interior.
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Jan. 15, 2004
 New Panel

In December, we said "good by" to plastic overlays and post lights and got a whole new instrument panel. 

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  May 27, 2004
 New Paint

The plane just came back from the paint shop today.  Check out the new scheme. and our online scrap book of the paint job.

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Nov 23, 2006
 Cessna's NGP Plane
 Here are some pictures of Cessna's new "Next Generation Piston" concept single engine plane.  Stay tuned for more details. 

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